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Our Warranty

The finish on our floor cloths is durable and flexible. It is water-based, and therefore will react to soaking water. Occasional water spills that are wiped away in a reasonable amount of time will not affect the floor cloth. Water pools allowed to stand on the surface will result in a "cloudy" spot, which will disappear on its own in about an hour. Total saturation by flooding (see below) will result in permanent damage.
Our clothsare made for everyday use, and for two years we guarantee your mats to be stain free within the parameters of this warranty. We are confident our floor cloths will perform beautifully for many years. For two years after purchase, if a floor cloth stains, we will replace it at no charge within the parameters of this warranty. Validation of the warranty may be required for replacement. The purchase receipt may be required at our discretion, and we may choose to offer a replacement from our current inventory.
This limited guarantee is offered with the following parameters:
• Stain resistant to normal food particles. Stains resulting from chemicals, paint, cleaners, mildew    or other non-food items are not covered in this warranty. 
• Not meant to be a plate. Do not put food directly on the mat.
• Can handle temperatures suitable for human consumption. They are not meant to be a hot pad.
• Should not be used as a cutting surface.
• Are made for indoor use. Do not leave out in the rain, or outdoors overnight.
• Resistant to pet accidents, but our guarantee does not extend to pet damage.
• Cloths that are damaged (curled) by repeated butting up against a cabinet or wall are not    covered by our warranty. These mats should be affixed to the floor at original installation by under   padding or double-faced tape. *Curling can usually be repaired. 
• Cloths that are damaged by doors having inadequate swing clearance, and therefore scrapping   the cloth are not covered by our warranty. 
• Cloths that are damaged by sharp objects - high heels, knives or other household items are not   covered 
• Normal wear-and-tear evidence is to be expected, and is not considered a flaw, and is not   covered by replacement warranty. 
• FLOODING, whether indoors (plumbing malfunction) or outdoors (rain, dew) flooding and   saturation will cause damage to a floor cloth, AND is not covered by our warranty. *Should this  happen you may lessen the damage by immediately : 
• drying the floor cloth front and back.
• Then hang it on a clothes line until it is completely dry throughout. Do not fold or drape or    roll the floor cloth. Complete drying may take 3 to 4 days. If it is stained after the drying, that is permanent. 
Any item installed in a well trafficked home will show signs of wear. Our cloths will also. They will wear much like a fine piece of leather. They are not made to have a glass smooth surface. You may see variations on the surface. These variations do not affect the durability of the product. Cleaning is best done with a water damp mop. A nylon or plastic type scrubber may be used gently if necessary. Strong cleaners should be avoided. Scuff marks usually clean off, but paste wax can make stubborn scuff marks go away.
Our cloths may be repaired (subject to specific damage) and/or reconditioned. We offer this service free of charge, and ask that the customer pay only shipping.  
Validation of the warranty will be required for replacement. If replacement is requested, we will ask for specific information about the event that caused the failure. This will include the conditions under which occurrence happened, how was the mat being used, what specific conditions caused the damage. The occurrence should be able to be duplicated in our studio according to the customer's guidelines. If the failure cannot be duplicated, we reserve the option to not validate this warranty.
This warranty may be edited at any time. Please consider the most recent version of the warranty when making decisions. 

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